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We offer the best upholstery cleaning Greenwich has to provide you with! Chem-Dry’s stain removal services are safe for your home as well as the environment. We care about the earth, so that’s why we provide quality services that are free of harsh chemicals. We treat stains and spots in your carpets and furniture without releasing harsh toxins into the air in your home.

Allergies and Furniture Cleaning Greenwich

Many people are no strangers to allergies. But it’s not merely the great outdoors that trigger sneezing and watering eyes. The typical U.S. home contains twice the amount of pollution than is found outdoors. Keep reading for several dirty secrets the home isn’t revealing, and the ways to get things in balance.

  • Problem:  We rest on our sofas and recliners on a daily basis, but just how often do we consider cleaning these? Dirt and dust debris settle on these types of surfaces, and get shoved deeper in to the fibers, the longer we go without a proper clean.The longer you wait, the longer dirt and grim get pushed into the fibers and make your couches and chairs dirt and unattractive to your family and guests!
  • Quick Solution: Consider fabric protectant for household furniture. The solution minimizes stains from leaking and setting more deeply into the upholstery fibers. Furthermore, vacuum every week. In terms of vacuuming (the number one tool for a healthy and happy home!) make yours easy to access - and you’re prone to utilize it more. Bring your vacuum out of the basement and into your hall closet so you’ll be prompted to vacuum more frequently. When it’s within sight, you’ll create great cleaning habits that will make a huge difference on the overall health of your house. Any time you vacuum regularly, it won’t take but a few minutes to suck up the dirt, bacteria and allergens your family have drawn in from the outdoors.
  • Longterm Solution: Bring in a professional cleaning service one or more times annually (or two or three times for people with pets or children). Chem-Dry utilizes a proprietary Hot Carbonating Extraction procedure that is both green and proven to remove an average of 98.1 percent of frequent household allergens from upholstery and carpets. When coupled with their sanitizer, additionally, it removes an average of 89 percent of airborne bacteria.

Upholstery Cleaning Greenwich CT

Call Executive Chem-Dry to partake of our revolutionary upholstery cleaning Greenwich CT services. We offer top-of-the-line solutions and innovative equipment to restore your upholstery pieces to their original state. If you haven’t had your furniture professionally cleaned, now is a great time to do it!

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